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Why you should master your fear through self discipline.

As human beings we are limited, and self discipline comes from the understanding of our limitations, and that we can’t control every single situation, but we always strive to push that boundary of limitation one step at a time.
However, as a sufferer of anxiety, I found myself gravitate towards a life without calculated risk, even if that meant not moving forward. And for a long time, I sheltered myself mentally from any situations and environment conditions that could elicit anxiety and possibly a panic attack. Looking back at that period of time, my life in general was leading a one plain existence, and this prompted me to reevaluate and probe deeper into my psyche.
I realized the main core problem of my anxiety is fear, that of the unknown and of the intangible future that spiraled my mentality into a whirlwind of panic attacks. I knew I had to do something about it, as I was loosing control of my life, a…
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A conversation with Myself.

I have always been the strong one, the logic one, the level headed one. I never knew that was a front to hide from my own self and my feelings that came with it. I never showed much, so afraid of my own tender moments, that they’ll obliterate me, destroy the logic I encapsulated myself in. I never knew I’ve been cocooned for far too long, that I needed to come out from that hardened shell and for the first time just breathe. 
I gave love in abundance to others, but never realized I never once gave any to myself. I was afraid to even utter the words “I love you” to myself, and somehow still do. My logic tells me there’s no such thing as self love, as I am well satisfied in given it to others. “But loving others is loving yourself” my mind tells me. Was I wrong? Was it an illusion? Or is it the fear of facing my emotions and the thought of crumbling down to nothing. 
“But you are the strong one” my mind shouts out. Am I that lost in the outside world I can’t see the inside? How I would lo…

Random Thoughts: Masks and Mirrors.

If a person wearing a mask looked in a mirror, the reflection would be that of the mask, but not the face. If you looked at the same person and tried to describe what kind of emotions they have, you wouldn’t know either. (Unless you’re an empath).
We are born naked to this world, both physically and emotionally. We are taught to cover our bodies, but unfortunately as we grow and mature we tend to cover our emotions as well, masking them, pretending we’re protecting ourselves, not realizing that we’re building a fortress that will become our prison.
As we mature, we lose our innocence, spontaneity and the sense of carefree. We become more and more like robots, programmed by the environment around us, becoming masters of disguise, as each face we encounter is blank and devoid of emotion. We become a nervous wreck, on edge and ready to attack those that dare touch our precious mask.
I often wonder, when and why did we reach that stage of complete and utter indifference?
Relationships becomin…

What Reality Is for an Empath.

We speak of reality as being concrete, unchangeable and constant, yet different in the mind of the beholder. What shapes reality is the sum of decisions we’e taken along a period of time, so the reality of the next moment is built on thoughts and a conclusion.
Thoughts predict emotions wether negative or positive, and therefore construct a moment of reality. One thought can have several emotions attached to it, but only one prevalent emotion will be the master builder of that moment in reality. That’s why it’s important to control emotions, they make up our moments and the reality of each day.
Being in someone else’s shoes is in a nut shell seeing their reality through their eyes, and this doesn’t mean feeling only their emotions, but actually understanding their thoughts, and it makes sense on how their emotions arose. And that’s how empathy works, and that’s also how empaths can protect themselves from absorbing other’s emotions. Once you understand the thoughts behind their emotions…

Emotional Hitchhiking.

How many people went or still going through this period? Offering their hearts for the first passerby, perhaps for the many that come along the way. It is magical at first, to be taken a mile further from where you are. Each time you feel that grip around your heart, anchoring your feet. Yet, the ground is not stable and on that road again, waiting for the next passerby. You keep putting your heart in this emotional turmoil until reality is lost. It is not magical anymore, losing the sense of logic; faces become moving pictures in a circle like a kaleidoscope, finding yourself in the middle of its raging-eye, while their voices are calling your name, their hands trying to get a hold on your mind.    The images become distorted, they all start to have your face and voice, they become mirrors, reflecting your screaming soul, your mind becomes blank and your heart evaporates, leaving a hole in your chest and silence in your veins.     The road becomes familiar, and traveling it again is so…

Writer's Block, a real nightmare or just a B movie.

I try to write what ever pops in my head, hence, the title. But of late, I have drawn blanks. How to solve this problem, I really don’t know. Maybe if I soak my head in icy cold water, perhaps give my nerves some sort of shock to jump-start them, or perhaps draw an image of the words I am trying to come up with.  Nevertheless, I am still a work in progress. I have no clue of what I’m putting down now on this work sheet, It feels good though, just to type whatever comes to mind. It is like an exercise, or even meditation.
Speaking of writer’s block, I do believe it is a heck of a ride. To some maybe a curse, I think of it as a time out, forced vacation if you will. I cannot assume to have any idea about it, seems though I'm going through this forced vacation myself, although there is a tingle in my brain. However, I am sipping on my cup of coffee quicker than my thoughts forming, kind of frustrating if you ask me, not amusing when you are on the receiving end. Yet somehow, I feel I a…

Shape Your Life.

Life is a fluid concept, it’s simple and complex at the same time, and there’s no one template that fits all. Depending on our circumstances and the environments we grew up in, our lives take shape. But, you still have a say in how your life becomes.
You can shape your life and mold it the way you want.
There’s no set formula, rules to follow, and definitely don’t set yourself up with that bar of high expectations. Your experiences no matter how young or old you are, add to the layers of your journey, and each layer will come together for a bigger picture, like putting pieces of a puzzle together, each made and painted by you.
Each time you conquer a fear, replace your doubts with believing in yourself, you get closer to knowing who you are and what’s your purpose. It’s not easy, yet, that’s exactly the beauty we hold; being human, vulnerable, emotional, we paint a picture and each is unique to our person.

Remember, we are extraordinary in our ordinary travels that we leave prints ripplin…